113- 5 Ways to Increase Long-term Influence

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Those who only think of influencing their current generation are thinking too small. God thinks long-term and works through multiple generations to accomplish His purposes and plans. In this message, Steve Backlund shares fives we can increase our influence for hundreds of years after our lives here on earth. Get ready to be inspired and equipped through this teaching.

112- Pre-Leadership Counseling

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Join Steve Backlund as he muses about the concepts of pre-marriage counseling can relate to those who are saying yes to a God assignment in their life. Just as in marriage where couples are surprised by what they face, leaders often are surprised too with what they experience. This message will help you and help those you influence about preparing …

111- Overcoming Double-Mindedness in Decision Making

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Double-mindedness (doubt in and after decision making) is the enemy of great influencers. In this teaching, Steve Backlund shares wisdom on how to make decisions in faith, and how to stay in faith after the decision is made. Get ready to have your decision making skills increase dramatically as you listen.

109- 4 Signs You Are Ready for Promotion

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 “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52). Like Jesus, we are to grow into greater promotion and influence. Promotion is an advancement in our rank or position. True promotion first starts on the inside of us. In this podcast, Steve Backlund gives practical ways for you to increase the likelihood you will be invited into …

108- The Most Effective Spiritual Warfare

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Paul the Apostle said, “I have fought the good fight.” We are in a battle between spiritual forces of good and evil. It is foolish and detrimental to ignore this. Even so, many of the explanations concerning this spiritual warfare have overemphasized the devil and underemphasized our beliefs. In this teaching Steve Backlund shares what he believes is the most …

106- Practicing to Win in Life

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Sports teams spend more time practicing than they do playing in games. They work on the fundamentals of their sport, plus they prepare for specific things they will face in upcoming games. People who win in life understand what they will face, and they prepare themselves in their beliefs and practices to be overcomers. Get ready to be inspired and …

105- Why You Can Be Radically Encouraged Now

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Great influencers learn how to inspire and encourage themselves. Those who are most effective at this are not depending on positive thinking, but they have clear reasons for this self-encouragement. In this message, Steve Backlund gives you seven reasons why you can be radically encouraged now.

104- “I Was Wrong. I Am Sorry”

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Why are these powerful, life-giving words difficult to say?  Whether it is a child speaking this to a sibling, a boss to an employee, or a husband to a wife, there is often a battle to speak them because of self-justification, excuse making, or victim mindsets. In this message, Steve Backlund shares from his own experience about the powerful benefits …