103- 5 Keys to Effective Teaching and Preaching

If people don’t receive you, they won’t receive your message. In this message, Steve shares great truths on how to increase your favor on your speaking. These concepts will help all public speakers, not just those in the church. Get ready for your influence to go to the next level after hearing these keys.

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  • Rebekah Garinger May 7, 2018   Reply →

    Thank you for this teaching.
    I do fine with one on one or groups of 5-10, but our VSSM
    Class is growing to a hundred or more…so having a listen to your podcast redirected my focus Off me , & fear of speaking to those I think of more highly than myself, but also equipping me to what God wants to accomplish through me! Thank you! I am more prepared to risk!

  • Janet Daviau May 7, 2018   Reply →

    I just want you to know how much your messages strengthen and encourage me to go higher, not in striving, nor in my own strength, but out of a heart desire to be everything God has created me to be and to be able to leave a legacy of encouragement and empowerment to the people whom God has put in my life.

    Thank you so much. May the Lord richly bless and prosper you in every area of your life.


  • Polly Price May 24, 2018   Reply →

    Thank you Steve for another great teaching- such practical tools for where I’m headed. Bless you! Polly

    • admin May 31, 2018   Reply →

      You are welcome, Polly!!

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