112- Pre-Leadership Counseling

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Join Steve Backlund as he muses about the concepts of pre-marriage counseling can relate to those who are saying yes to a God assignment in their life. Just as in marriage where couples are surprised by what they face, leaders often are surprised too with what they experience. This message will help you and help those you influence about preparing for their leadership assignment.

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  1. Ann Pierson

    Wow!! Short testimony: I did and am continuing to do 100 declarations per day. Although little has changed in my situation, God is opening my eyes to lies I believe about many areas in my life. Two days ago, God showed me: the bigger the dream/risk the bigger the disappointment. He showed me how I have scaled my hope/dreams/risks way,way back bcuz of fear of disappointments. Also, I have judged validity of risks according to disappointments. In other words, if I’m really discouraged and disappointed and encounter obstacles following a dream that I felt was from God, those problems were a sign I wasn’t on track and was dreaming too big. Lies,lies!!!
    Today I listened to this podcast-what confirmation! What Steve is talking about is almost identical to what God has been showing me past few days. Thank you!!! Love it!

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