158- Why Successful People Like to Fail

Those who succeed most also seem to fail most. Just like a toddler learning to walk, they see failure as the normal process of learning to walk at higher levels of living. This message will inspire you and equip you with the mindsets to embrace these failing moments with joy and purpose.


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  • Janet Lorraine Daviau June 17, 2019   Reply →

    It took me over a week to listen to this message. When I saw the title I said to myself ..”Why would anyone like to fail in the first place.” I held back from listening to it realizing that I still struggle with the old mindset I grew up with that if it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t good enough. This mindset gave me the feeling that I was not good enough and learning new things was always a struggle for me because I looked at failure as the end of the world yet you say failure is a stepping stone to where we are going. I’m so glad Holy Spirit is constantly at work in me to see things from His perspective. He is always cheering me on with hope and helping me to move forward and not park in the land of regret which is a painful place to be. Each day I purposefully say …”something good is going to happen to me today. The goodness of God is going to overtake me today.” This gives me hope and expectancy for each new day. I’m not where I’d like to be but I’m not where I use to be. Thank you for taking me up to a higher level. You are the best!

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