54- 5 Powerful Outcomes from Doing Declarations Experiment Pt 1

Igniting Hope Ministries regularly hosts an online 30 day “Declarations Experiment” where we challenge people to make at least 100 declarations a day, and then see what happens. This podcast shares how you can “coach” yourself into victory through declarations, and it will help you increase your belief that life truly is in the power of the tongue. Get ready to be ignited into revelation and forward movement through Steve’s teaching.


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  • Andrew May 30, 2017   Reply →

    Hey Steve,

    The link takes us to the wrong podcast, “thriving with unresolved circumstances.” I really loved hearing it again, and my wife and I felt like it was just what we needed today. I do want to hear the one about the declarations though since we’re going to do the declaration challenge. Thanks for your ministry we love you!

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