56- Declaration Experiment Key#2

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Declarations are a powerful way to increase our faith that God’s promises will manifest in our future. In this teaching, Steve Backlund shares some of the techniques he uses to build faith for tomorrow and the coming days.






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  1. Gordon & Judy Evans

    Thank you, Steve, for how you are letting God use you to build hope and expectation in the lives of us, your fellow believers! As I follow this month of Declarations, I realized yesterday that I am experiencing increased energy, expectation and new creative ideas and solutions for the challenges of our ministry in our west African Islamic country where we are developing a Christian school. God bless!

  2. Julie Tanney

    Your teachings are life changing!

    I think that I accidentally erased Friday’s email that you sent me. I haven’t had a chance to view it yet. I would like you to resend me a Friday email, which you sent for June 16, 2017 please.

    Thank you!!

    In Christ Jesus,
    Julie a Tanney

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