88- Change the Channel

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If we are listening to unhelpful things on the radio, we can and should change the channel. If we are listening to the wrong messages in our thinking and self-talk, then we can and must change there as well. In this message, Steve shares that we are listening to the right channel if what we are hearing gives us hope for ourselves, others, our circumstances, and for our nation.


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  1. Helena

    Such a good word! We had our prayer summit last night and the common theme when asked what word we heard in ourselves that the enemy was lying to us about, was we are not enough. It came in many forms but the lie was the same ! Then we encouraged each other with The truth! This podcast was a confirmation of the same! I will share it with my fellow believers !! Bless you for your ministry to our hearts!

  2. Nicholas

    Please pray that our school,CAMP DAVID GREEN ACADEMY will grow to become an international Christian school and one of the top centres of academic excellence in Kenya.

    Waiting upon the Lord.

    God bless you!

    Nicholas Nganga

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