89- This Daily Habit Will Change Your Life

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What is happening in us is usually more important than what is happening to us. And our response to something is almost always more important than the something. As we embrace these truths, we can develop a habit that will build our faith, hope, and love muscles in great ways. In this message, Steve Backlund shares from his own experience how to benefit from that which would normally discourage us.


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  1. Martina Davis

    So true, thank you so much Steve and team. I have recently found how crucial this is, and it is very true that we can begin to sense when we are about to think in โ€˜oh noโ€™ beliefs , when the lies hit suddenly for instance in a situation, when we find that it seems we can do nothing about a diagnosis for instance, and AT THAT POINT we can choose to hear the still peaceful voice within that says, no, walk this way, choose this way, believe this not the lie. Then in choosing His thoughts and keeping on doing so, I have found that my circumstances change. Certainly my whole body benefits from His way of thinking!

  2. Jules hill

    You and Wendy REALLY keep me going with all this amazing teaching and life changing truth (and God of course!!)
    Wow!! I am ‘in process ‘ right now (has been a long one – 6 yrs battling depression , grief , anxiety , self hatred pain from my past & other yuk stuff ๐Ÿ˜ฌ). It was all triggered by a big life circumstance change in 2012.
    I am just scribbling down key points from this podcast and the truths like “He who has begun a good work will complete it!’ And , ‘there is always a solution’. Also, ‘that He works FOR GOOD through all these situations’!!! And I love that this is TRAINING for where he is taking me next!!!!! It has to be Steve???!!! I just so long for God to use me to set others free from the agony of tormenting thoughts, heaviness and hopelessness- as I myself have wrestled such things for so long. I also love Kris Vallotons quote ‘if it’s not good , it’s not the end!!! Ha!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜„
    Steve my biggest challenge is actually ‘catching ‘ the thoughts that bring the heaviness , hopelessness and fear. One minute I can be feeling OK AND Believing that life can be good again and that I can really truly trust and let go. Then suddenly , seconds later I’m in knots again filled with fear & worry, heaviness and dread. I believe that I am certainly coming out of my valley but see that my mind (& certainly my subconscious mind ) is not fully renewed yet. It is also in ‘process ‘ of being strengthened.
    Anyway , just wanted to THANK YOU really !!!!!!!! I know that this is absolutely the way forward for me and everyone else. It’s the transformation of the mind and the rewiring for a hope filled future (LOVE WENDY’s book btw)! It takes 21 days to break a habit right????????!!!!!!
    Bless you wonderful Backlunds and may you prosper and ABOUND in hope in ALL YOU DO!!!!! We have a saying in England ‘the grass is greener where you water it’!!!!!! You are watering , cultivating incredible things and bringing freedom to many !
    May God bless you , strengthen you , increase favour and anointing in your lives.
    The best is yet to come !!!!!
    Huge love
    Jules Hill xx
    Manchetser , UK

  3. Louine

    Loved this and the practical application of how to engage in our day to day circumstances with a God perspective and compassion for ourselves and others. Thank you for the Hope and Joy.

  4. Stephanie

    You guys ROCK! I love your message, your anointing, your spirit! Thank you for sending this message my way today! โค๏ธ

  5. Jennifer Goger

    God bless Igniting hope ministry! It has been a great blessing to me, and the podcasts are very helpful. Yes, It really is like “working out” your mind muscles. “I want to pump (clap) you up!” Scriptures are the weights, & holy spirit is your spotter. YAY JESUS!!!!! Go belief trainers!!! Thanks again, God bless

  6. Lori Angell

    I’m very interested in signing up for the negativity feast !
    I will be doing this with others in my Bible study group ๐Ÿ˜‡

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