97- 4 Areas Where I Have Experienced Shame

Shame is a painful consciousness of guilt or shortcomings. We all experience it. In this message, Steve shares about some of his own battles with shame. You will laugh, be able to relate to him, and you will get inspired to courageously overcome your own shame battles.


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  • Trevor Parr March 26, 2018   Reply →

    Empowering message that so encourages those of us in the battle.
    I thank God for your Igniting Hope ministry as it has totally overhauled my life and attitudes to many / most situations .
    It has opened my eyes to God’s purposes and his faithfulness and given me new, wonderful horizons.
    Thankyou so much.

  • Janet Daviau March 26, 2018   Reply →

    I want to thank you for investing in me. Igniting hope (which I really need) I can relate to much the same things you had growing up concerning shame. I have just recently been awakened to the fact that I have symptoms of sleep apnea. I have suffered with chronic fatigue for many years and have been treated with little results. I hope to be given a sleep test soon and hopefully with proper treatment, I’ll be able to move forward with my life.

    Thank you so much for supporting me in prayer.

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