98- Partnering With What God is Doing

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Paul Manwaring from www.paulmanwaring.com often says, “We are not to build a structure and ask God to fill it, but we are to find out what God is doing and build a structure around that.” Whether in our personal lives, our families, or in our ministries & organizations, the key for us to see what God is already doing and partner with it.  In this message, Steve Backlund will inspire you about this truth and give practical ideas for advancing in it.


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  1. Lucy Sei

    Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom. This word spoke to my heart and gave me direction for living and thriving in NV.

  2. Andrea

    Why did you include “sex trafficking” as someone’s passion to build around — after passion for business, and passion for youth. I’m confused. Sorry, I’m trying to listen and internalize, but that is awfully odd to include.

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