162- A Secret to Answered Prayer

 In this message, Steve Backlund shares an often overlooked aspect of seeing prayers answers. He also speaks of other truths about prayer to inspire you and build up your faith concerning the power of prayer. 

161- Stay on the Ship

What do you do when you have the correct counsel and then great problems happen because it is not listened to? This happened to the Apostle Paul in Acts 27. In this podcast, you will learn what he did to move from being ignored to becoming the greatest influencer on the ship and ultimately saving lives from disaster. What he did will inspire you to do the same in situations where your advice has little or no impact.

160- Do Not Neglect This Part of Your Life

Successful people have a clear set of priorities. They find a way to do the important but not urgent parts of life. This message speaks of THE most important aspect of our lives to be prioritized. Get ready to be motivated toward the best things like never before through this message. 

159- Looking for Gold, Not Dirt, In Relationships

People tend to not mind you moving their dirt as long as they know you are looking for gold in them. As parents, leaders, and influencers, we are not called to be “dirt removers” in relationships, but we are commissioned to unlock people’s destinies by being able to see the gold in the dirt of people’s lives.

158- Why Successful People Like to Fail

Those who succeed most also seem to fail most. Just like a toddler learning to walk, they see failure as the normal process of learning to walk at higher levels of living. This message will inspire you and equip you with the mindsets to embrace these failing moments with joy and purpose.

156- 5 Supernatural Ways to Walk in Greater Victory

Jesus not only paid our debt of sin, but He also released grace (empowerment) to live in victory in this life. In this message, Steve Backlund shares five unfailing biblical keys to access this supernatural empowerment into our lives. 

155- 5 Ways Not to Have Flabby Beliefs

One of Steve Backlund’s dreams is that beliefs training will become more popular than physical training. He believes no one wants to have flabby beliefs. He and Igniting Hope Ministries already have beliefs trainers available, and they are planning to make this more available to those who desire this. In this message, Steve five foundations of beliefs training. You can find out more about beliefs training at

154- 5 Powerful Questions God Asks Us

The greatest questions of the Bible are not looking for information but for revelation. In this message, Steve Backlund shares five of the most penetrating and liberating questions in Scripture.

153- 5 Bad Habits in Relationships

 “For whatever a man sows that he will also reap” (Galatians 6:7). There are certain habits we can sow into our relationships which will reap a harvest we do not desire. In this message Steve Backlund shares five of these negative habits, but, more importantly, gives insight on how to create increasingly healthy relationships around us.