209 – Keys for Becoming a Great Mentor

Steve shares some of his secrets in raising up great leaders and influencers, including his top three goals for intern development and the three most important things he does monthly with his team.

208 – “My Laughter Feels Fake”

In this message, Steve Backlund shares powerfully about the benefits of developing the habit of laughing regularly, and he dispels the myth that it is inauthentic and fake to laugh when we do not feel like laughing. 

205 – Put On Your Oxygen Mask First

“In the event of a loss of cabin pressure, secure your own oxygen mask before helping others. If the bag does not inflate, oxygen is still flowing.” Steve Backlund takes this airplane safety announcement and gives some potent wisdom for personal victory and enduring influence.

201 – Five Questions to Ask Yourself During a National Crisis

Steve Backlund presents five questions to ask ourselves during the Coronavirus (or any other national crisis) which will cause increased victorious mindsets, personal growth, and increased positive influence.

200 – Creating Victory With These 4 Words

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). This is one of Steve Backlund’s favorite verses. In this message, Steve shares four “words” to live victoriously by. 

199- Repenting to Glistening Hope

Repentance literally means to change the way you think. In this message, Steve Backlund helps you see repentance as a positive and ongoing process that leads to true transformation. 

197 – Demolishing the Roots of Dullness of Hearing

If we are going to experience something higher in our lives, then we need to believe something higher. If we are going to believe something higher, we must hear something higher than what we are experiencing. This message reinforces this truth, plus gives six causes of becoming dull in our hearing and ways to overcome each of these enemies to our personal victory and influence.

196 – 5 Reasons to do a Negativity Fast with Others

Steve and Igniting Hope Ministries are known for the power of negativity fasts and positivity feasts. They host an annual online fast/fast every year for Lent, and they offer the opportunity for it to be done at other times of the year as well. This message will inspire you to see the value of doing the fast with at least one other person.