028 – Do You Have These Kind of Muscles ?

How many of us have concluded we cannot do something, or don’t have a gift, because it was difficult to do when we first tried. If something is hard to do in the beginning, it does not mean it cannot be easy for us in the future. At first most new activities are challenging, but like weight lifters, it becomes easy to do later if we do not quit. God has created us to be able to build big muscles in areas of life needed to fulfill our calling and to adapt successfully to what is happening around us.You will be blessed as Steve shares his experiences with this truth.


027 – 5 Things Not To Say

When Jeremiah said, “I am only a youth,” God told him not to say this (Jeremiah 1:6-7). What Jeremiah said revealed a faulty belief that put limitations on his life. We like Jeremiah can say things that are just dumb to say. This teaching will share five of those. You will be taken to another level as you listen.


022- 10 Lies Not to Believe This Election Season Part 1

Jesus said in John 8:32, “. . . the truth will make you free.” When we believe truth, we get free, but when we believe lies, we will live unnecessary restriction (both emotionally and circumstantially). This is the first of a two part teaching where Steve exposes and defeats some of the biggest lies we could believe during this time leading up to the elections.