188 – What to Believe This Christmas Season

Asking God, “What should I believe?” is more important than asking him, “What should I do?” This podcast shares beliefs to have that will dramatically increase the likelihood of breakthrough and blessing during the Christmas season and beyond. 

186 – Come into the Party

 “But he was angry and refused to go in” (Luke 15:28). The elder brother refused to go into his father’s party for the lost son who had returned. Learn in this message how this attitude can cause us to miss the good things in life.

184 – 4 Spiritual Reasons We are Tired

The remedy for tiredness is not always a medical solution or more rest, but it is often connected to spiritual factors that are very correctable. This fun, inspiring teaching will give you keys for walking in God’s strength and supernatural energy. 

183 – Five Excuses of the Victim Mindset

In this podcast, Steve Backlund goes after some of the common lies fueling the victim mindset, including “I don’t have enough time,” and “I don’t have enough money.” Get ready to be set free like never before from these and other faulty beliefs that restrict lives. 

182 – Interview With Igniting Hope Belief Trainer Yvette

In this podcast, Steve Backlund interviews Yvette Van Zyl, Igniting Hope Ministries’ belief training director. You will learn about this aspect of our ministry, plus you will get inspired and equipped to renew your mind in an incredible way. 

181 – Going or Sent?

Our favor and influence dramatically increase when we are “sent” (recommended and endorsed) by reputable people. In this message, Steve Backlund gives great insight into this, including what to do if we feel like there is no one who can do this for us. 

180- 7 People We Need in Our Lives

God promises to supply all of our needs (Philippians 4:19). This includes our relational needs. Here are seven people to believe for and pursue to maximize our lives and influence.

179- Language That Empowers

“The future is in the mouths of intentional speakers” is something Steve Backlund says frequently. This message will inspire and equip you to speak empowering words to others like never before. Your family, your friends, those you lead, and future generations will be glad you did.