216 – You Can Do It!

We need “You can do it!” people in our lives. We need “You can do it!” ministries consistently feeding into us. We need a “You can do it!” God that we are believing in. This message takes truths from Joshua chapter one to help us believe God is really for us, not against us.

215 – Standing Strong in the “Day of Evil”

“Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day” (Ephesians 6:13). The evil day represents those times when we face a seeming onslaught of uncertainty and testing. This “evil day” can happen to us personally, as a family, a church, or even as a nation. Many are currently experiencing an evil day because of what is happening in the world. This message will encourage and strengthen you. Attachments area

214 – Why the Spirit Led Jesus into the Wilderness

The ten spies in Numbers 13 said, “We are like grasshoppers in our own sight.” How they interpreted themselves created a wrong interpretation of their circumstances. In this message, Steve Backlund shares from Matthew 3:16-4:9 to inspire us to fight for our true identity in Christ so will see challenges from a victorious perspective, rather than a victim perspective. 

213 – Taking Thoughts Captive to What?

In this message, Steve Backlund looks at what it really means to “take every thought to the obedience to Christ.” It will take your renewing of the mind to the next level. This message will inspire you, plus ground you more in the grace of God. 

212 – Three Main Sources of Lies

In this enlightening message, Steve shares these three “kingpin” lies which are at the root of many of the falsehoods we believe; 1) the past experience lie, 2) the works of the law lie, and 3) the destination disease lie. 

211 – Versatility in Relationships

Successful people learn to relate well to diverse types of people. In this message, Steve explores the adaptability demonstrated by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 and gives powerful, practical application for us today. 

203 – How to Arise and Shine During the Coronavirus

Steve Backlund believes Isaiah 60:1-5 are vital verses for this time. In this message, Steve shares some vital insights from these verses, plus gives five keys to arise and shine like never before. 

198 – I Encounter God by Faith, Not Feelings

Steve Backlund shares his own struggle in encountering God in powerful ways. Others seemed to easily receive, but the “there is something uniquely wrong with you” lie compounded his thinking and experiences. In this teaching, Steve shares how receiving by faith, instead of feelings, is the key for breakthrough in encountering God and in many other areas of life.