212 – Three Main Sources of Lies

In this enlightening message, Steve shares these three “kingpin” lies which are at the root of many of the falsehoods we believe; 1) the past experience lie, 2) the works of the law lie, and 3) the destination disease lie. 

211 – Versatility in Relationships

Successful people learn to relate well to diverse types of people. In this message, Steve explores the adaptability demonstrated by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 and gives powerful, practical application for us today. 

210 – Make Me an Answer, Lord

Each of us has unique gifts to be an answer to the world’s needs around us. This message will help convince you that this is true about you, and it gives wisdom for how to see it released. 

209 – Keys for Becoming a Great Mentor

Steve shares some of his secrets in raising up great leaders and influencers, including his top three goals for intern development and the three most important things he does monthly with his team.

208 – “My Laughter Feels Fake”

In this message, Steve Backlund shares powerfully about the benefits of developing the habit of laughing regularly, and he dispels the myth that it is inauthentic and fake to laugh when we do not feel like laughing. 

207 – The 17 Most Important Chapters in the Bible?

Steve Backlund shares some powerful opening encouraging thoughts and then shares his theory on why he believes seventeen specific Bible chapters are the most important to healthy Bible interpretation and victorious living.

205 – Put On Your Oxygen Mask First

“In the event of a loss of cabin pressure, secure your own oxygen mask before helping others. If the bag does not inflate, oxygen is still flowing.” Steve Backlund takes this airplane safety announcement and gives some potent wisdom for personal victory and enduring influence.

203 – How to Arise and Shine During the Coronavirus

Steve Backlund believes Isaiah 60:1-5 are vital verses for this time. In this message, Steve shares some vital insights from these verses, plus gives five keys to arise and shine like never before.