020- Can We Do What We Don’t Believe We Are?

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Faith believes and then sees. We are called to believe something that is not yet true in our experience, and until we do, we will put unnecessary limitations on our lives. In this teaching, Steve will give you another practical suggestion for life-changing renewing of the mind.


019- Who Told You THAT?

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Most people tend to renew their minds more with past experiences than with God’s Word. The greatest strongholds blocking the purposes of God are created by Christians agreeing with negative past experience. This message will help you demolish this tendency. and, more importantly, believe truth so you can be free.


018- Forgiveness Creates Opens Heavens Over People

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Intentional spoken forgiveness is one of the most powerful spiritual warfare prayer weapons we can use. You will learn in this teaching one of the main reasons why Jesus and Stephen both verbally forgave right before they died. This is an important teaching for those who who want to increase their influence.


017- 10 Declarations to Help Our Nation

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Steve shares deeper insight into a blog he wrote it would be good to put link here about these nation shifting ten declarations. This ten minute message will make unbelief for your nation more difficult and will infuse you with faith and optimism through specific biblical promises and testimonies. Get ready to be transformed.