53 – Thriving With Unresolved Circumstances

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We all have situations we want resolved, so that there is no uncertainty concerning them anymore. What we often forget is that we need unresolved circumstances to demonstrate our faith. And the more we increase in influence, the more situations we will have that are unresolved. Join Steve Backlund in this teaching to get faith and vision for the things …

52 – Why Are So Many Christians Pessimistic?

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Our hope level determines our influence level – so pessimism is an enemy of influence. This message will identify root reasons many do not have hope for the future, but more importantly, will help equip you with the beliefs to have radical hope in the days ahead for our personal lives and in the future of planet earth.

51 – Things Are Getting Better on Earth

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Are things really getting worse on earth? Steve Backlund says the only way we can think this is if we are taking a very short term view of history. This teaching will challenge some of the reasons many people have a pessimistic attitude about the future of planet earth.

45 | Keep a Faith Filled Identity

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Paul told Timothy to “Let no one despise his youth . . . ” Timothy was not to let his youth lower his belief about his influence. We all have factors in our lives that tempt us to decrease our faith about our identity. In this message Steve helps us to overcome self-limiting lies.

44 | Avoiding the Valley of Ono

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Nehemiah said, “I cannot come down for I am doing a great work.” The best defense is a good offense. In this message Steve will inspire and equip you to stay out of spiritual valleys like discouragement, victimhood, and offense.