Empowerment Assessment (Personal)

Welcome to your Empowerment Assessment (Personal)

The following questions refer to the personal life of the reader and should be understood as all personal spheres of activity (i.e. family, friends, personal hobbies, etc.). They should not be understood as referring to official positions of leadership (i.e. business team manager, church small group leader, etc.). The following questions will assess your beliefs, behaviors, and responses in this area.

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BELIEFS (10 Questions)
I believe I am valuable as a son/daughter of God independently from what I can do for Him.
I believe my words are powerful and bring about transformation.
I believe I am a person of abundance who blesses every environment I am in.
I believe my life demonstrates a need for God and people so that I can accomplish my assignments in life.
Because I am confident in who God made me, I don’t need to promote myself at the expense of others.
I see people as who God says they are, not based on my knowledge of their past experience.
Every person is significant and has an important assignment from God.
The people I am in contact with are one encouragement away from a tipping point into breakthrough, fullness, and greatness in their lives.
Believing that people want to do the right thing is my default perspective about them.
A person’s negative quality is usually an immature aspect of a strength in their life.
BEHAVIORS (16 Questions)
I am not passive about the challenges I face or the dreams I have, but through my beliefs and actions, I give God powerful things “to work with” to see breakthrough and increase.
I am aware of repeated negative cycles in my life.
When I encounter a personal fault, I first ask what I need to believe differently before I try to change what I am doing.
I intentionally seek feedback from those around me concerning how my attitudes and behaviors impact them and others.
I care for people, not based on what they can do for me.
I take note and remember key things people say and mention about their lives.
I intentionally aim to maintain positive beliefs about others in my life.
I intentionally connect with the dreams and needs of those in my life.
I intentionally forgive those in my life.
I deliberately give my full attention to the people I am communicating with.
I set clear boundaries and lovingly communicate these to others to protect my priorities in life.
I use my words intentionally to advance people into their destinies.
I look for opportunities to grow the gifts in those around me.
I use my favor to help open doors for others.
I naturally and regularly find myself mentoring others and helping them advance in life.
When I see behavioral issues, I tell people who they are more than I tell them what to do.
RESPONSES (7 Questions)
My beliefs give me hope.
People feel safe to share with me about what’s happening in their lives.
I help to make those around me feel important and valuable.
People are asking, or deliberately trying, to spend time with me.
People around me are inspired to do what they never thought they could.
The people who come into contact with me communicate that they feel valued and seen.
People around me communicate that their lives are better because of me.

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