Empowerment Assessment (Positional)

Welcome to your Empowerment Assessment (Positional)

The following questions refer to the official leadership position of the reader. This should be understood as all official leadership positions, whether in full-time employment, in teams, or groups. They should not be understood as referring to unofficial, personal positions of leadership (i.e. friendship circles, etc.). The following questions will assess your beliefs, behaviors, and responses in this area.

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BELIEFS (7 Questions)
I believe I am empowered by God to succeed in my role.
I regularly think 'win win' (how each of us can benefit) in my relationships with people.
I believe I am an excellent communicator that inspires others with vision for my organization and those I lead.
I believe I’m a person who shares the glory of successes and takes responsibility for mistakes.
I believe that those I lead want to do the right thing.
I believe the personal development of those on my team is more important than what they can do for me.
I believe that if I am a successful leader, some of those under me will surpass my own achievements.
BEHAVIORS (17 Questions)
I maintain a healthy balance between my work and home life.
I invest time in leadership training for myself.
I regularly approach stressful situations in the workplace in a healthy manner.
I am not afraid of or frustrated by team members making mistakes.
I pursue buy-in from others in my decision-making.
I get feedback from those on my team regarding how they experience my leadership.
I give those on my team autonomy over how they achieve their goals.
I celebrate team members taking risks.
I allocate resources for the training and development of my team.
I am more prone to focus on my team members’ strengths than their weaknesses.
When people come to me with problems, I empower them to discover, or become the solution.
I schedule time to mentor my team in leadership.
I deliberately choose to believe in people even when I don’t want to.
I honor and care about what is happening in the personal lives of those on my team.
I schedule times with my team solely for building relationships at a deeper level.
I proactively communicate in relationships to lessen the likelihood of disappointment or conflict in the future of my relationships.
I address dysfunctional behavior under my leadership through prophetic insight.
RESPONSES (10 Questions)
I am known to be a thankful person who encourages my team.
In team meetings I lead, the atmosphere is encouraging and empowering.
Those on my team know that I value their ideas.
Those on my team feel empowered to reach their potential.
Those I lead have grown in taking risks with confidence.
Those on my team want the best for me.
Those outside of my team ask me to mentor them.
It is clear I am more concerned about building big people than I am concerned about accomplishing great things or building a big organization.
I am adaptable and thrive under different leadership styles.
The leaders over me see me as a great strength and an asset to them and the organization.

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