Empowerment Assessment (Potential)

Welcome to your Empowerment Assessment (Potential)

While some of us already have official leadership positions, many are still on the path to reaching them. In this regard, the following questions refer to the potential empowerment of the individual, and should be understood to include all aspects of life (both personal and professional) with specific focus on the trajectory of the individual’s path (i.e. where are you going in life). The following questions will assess your beliefs, behaviors, and responses in relation to your potential empowerment.

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BELIEFS (5 Questions)
I believe I am on the right path.
I believe that I have many options. If one path does not open as I want it to, there will be another.
I believe that God sees and rewards my work, even if it is not seen or rewarded on earth.
I believe that current situations are training me for where I am going.
I believe that the responsibility for my personal growth ultimately lies with me.
BEHAVIORS (8 Questions)
I focus on doing the right thing instead of trying to make people like me.
I celebrate the favor I do have instead of focusing on the favor I don’t seem to have.
I intentionally address inner disappointment.
I intentionally support the vision of leaders in my life.
I am faithful with the responsibilities I have in my life.
I deliberately ask questions and seek to gain feedback from those who lead me.
I intentionally contribute to a positive team dynamic.
I intentionally pursue ways to grow my skillsets (e.g. reading books, attending classes, etc.).
RESPONSES (6 Questions)
I am teachable.
I am an asset to the teams I am a part of.
I am joyful and full of hope that I am on the right path.
I am increasingly offered more responsibility.
My leadership skills are improving.
I am believed in and empowered by leaders over me.

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